Securing your entire organisation by having to assume sensitive data persists everywhere is expensive and impractical. We take a pragmatic view to gain awareness of your human and technology landscape to right-size the level of cybersecurity required for your organisation.

Data Discovery

Data Discovery

Meticulously discovering your data environment so that we can then focus on reducing your attack surface area and doubling-down on where it matters.

  • Structured Data
  • Semi-Structured Data
  • Unstructured & Binary Data
  • Data Leakage Assessment
Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Understand your security control gaps, risks, and vulnerabilities through offensive threat testing based on the applicable MITRE ATT&CK frameworks.

  • Red Team Threat Simulation
  • Adversary and Threat Research
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Coverage Map Reporting
Compliance Testing

Compliance Testing & Audit

Tackle the broad IT risk management challenge with our effective and scalable compliance capabilities. We enable you to manage the diverse regulatory compliance and industry standards.

  • NIST Health and Readiness Assessment
  • HITRUST Readiness Assessment
  • HITRUST Certification Program
  • Third-Party Risk Assessment
Culture Testing

Culture Testing and Evaluation

Security is not solely an IT responsibility. It must be an organisational priority. We'll help assess the maturity of your security programme across many dimensions from humans to software.

  • Human Cybersecurity Hygiene
  • Critical Vendor Hygiene
  • Software Development Lifecycle Maturity
  • Stakeholder / Executive Prioritisation


Our security strategy has been tested and proven for both small and large organisations across the globe. It focuses on integrating the right kind of security in the right places in your environment, and in doing so reduces costs along the way.

Data Classification

Data Classification

Once your data is discovered, we will work with you to classify your data and provide you the visibility of your exposure and delivery strategy to minimise it.

  • Data Sensitivity Heat Map
  • Data Relationship Diagram
  • Risk Aggregation by Classification


Quantum's red team transitions to a consultative purple team providing guidance, strategy, prioritisation, and planning of the remediation effort.

  • Detection Coverage Mapping
  • Protection Coverage Mapping
  • Coverage Guidance
Strategy & Budget Development

Strategy & Budget Development

With full awareness of your organisation and capabilities we are able to develop a strategy to ensure you're protected against the threat immediately and forever.

  • Cybersecurity Roadmap
  • Low-hanging Fruit Opportunities
  • Budget Development with Scale Modelling
Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management

We understand your challenges and will provide support to ensure your stakeholders understand the strategy, roadmap, and rationale for this cybersecurity journey.

  • No-Jargon Strategy Document
  • Stakeholder Presentation Support
  • Technology Procurement Support


Our portfolio of protection and detection solutions are accompanied by Quantum's suite of services that optimally and effectively manage your cybersecurity risk, whilst keeping you informed every step of the way.

Attack Surface Reduction

Attack Surface Area Reduction

Not only does reducing your attack surface area impede threat actors' effectiveness but it also reduces the time and energy required to maintain your security posture.

  • Organise IT assets based on classifications
  • Consolidate and purge unnecessary assets
  • Implement data classification zones
  • Enforce cybersecurity posture per classification
Remediate Control Gaps

Remediate Control Gaps

We'll help you tackle and remediate the gaps identified in previous stages – not only satisfying regulatory controls but ensuring they're continuously effective.

  • Remediation Burn Down of Existing Gaps
  • Ageing of Emergent Gaps
  • Develop Compensating Controls as Necessary
  • Re-Audit Validation and Regression Testing
Implement Protections

Implement Protections

Enjoy comprehensive managed cybersecurity capabilities that are fully integrated into a single reporting and DevOps-friendly management construct. 24/7/365.

  • Threat Intelligence
  • AI and ML Based Event Correlation
  • Cloud & Endpoint Protection
  • Network & Data Protection
Logging & Event Integration

Logging & Event Integration

To maximise the effectiveness of your security platform it's important to collect all relevant security and event data. It's also required by many compliance standards.

  • Integration of Natively-Supported Log Sources
  • Custom Log Source Support Development
  • Storage Optimisation and Noise Reduction
  • Flow-Based Health Checks and Monitoring


Ongoing management of the solution works to prevent regressions and quickly identify and address emergent threats. Quantum's managed services are multi-dimensional, providing in-depth coverage across your user, IT, and cloud landscape.

Threat Detection & Response

Threat Detection & Response

Minutes matter — it's critical to have a qualified monitoring and response team who are focused on minimising dwell time and preventing repeat attacks.

  • Continuous SIEM Tuning and Development
  • Intelligent SOAR Automation
  • Counter Threat Intelligence (CTI) Monitoring
  • 24/7 Human SOC & Incident Response
SecDevOps Integration

SecDevOps Integration

Application security starts with secure development and operations practices. They're built into Quantum's SecDevOps reference architecture.

  • Full-Lifecycle SecDevOps Reference Architecture
  • Static Code Analysis
  • Dynamic Code Analysis
  • Dependency Graph Vulnerability Scanning
Cyber Risk Management

Cyber Risk Management

We offer practical solutions for reducing and managing every type of risk to your security — technical, human, and commercial.

  • Security Awareness Training
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • Cyber Liability Insurance
Strategic & Tactical Reporting

Strategic & Tactical Reporting

Reporting that is focused on the critical measurements and can be easily understood by non-technical readers and experts alike.

  • Security and Compliance Posture
  • Cybersecurity Technology Health
  • Compliance Drift Review

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