Quantum will work with you to deploy penetration tests and threat simulation attacks across all vectors, simulating thousands of possible threats your organisation may encounter.

We will help develop test scenarios, red team and blue team exercises for your organisation based on the business strategy, facilitating threat simulation and receive a quantifiable risk score and a detailed report showing exactly where and how your organisation is exposed. Knowing your cyber posture and tracking security improvements will be an input for security strategy and roadmap.

Continuous Security Control Testing

Maximising cyber security means continuously minimising attack surfaces and exposure time. New applications, servers, and IoT devices are deployed and updated every day – this creates new undetected opportunities for hackers. Moreover, newly disclosed exploits can render previously secure systems equally vulnerable. Keeping up is not easy.

Quantum continuously challenges your security 24x7 using the most current and comprehensive attack framework available, MITRE ATT&CK. Any material changes are immediately and automatically identified and prioritised, minimising exposure time. When new exploits arrive, Quantum delivers tests within 24 hours, to identify new weaknesses before hackers have a chance to exploit them.

One-Time Penetration Testing

We understand that before starting a cybersecurity journey you want to gain knowledge on your current posture. Quantum can deliver one-time penetration testing services tailored specifically to your needs across the following:

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