Conventional cybersecurity approaches are failing, and escape from their crippling constraints is long overdue. Quantum liberates you with its cybersecurity platform and services that are non-proprietary, comprehensive, scalable, and the best of all – affordable.

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Four Focused Security Investments

Quantum focuses on the four most important strategies to deliver superior security outcomes. By reducing the noise and amplifying the relevant signal, Quantum better protects your organisation.

Platform Overview

Quantum's cloud-native platform integrates these four core capabilities providing you a single-pane view of your security posture.

Robust APIs, infrastructure-as-code deployment, and user-centric UIs make our platform simple to use and integrate.

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Detection & Response

Quantum combines cloud-native detection and response capabilities with our 24/7 team of cybersecurity experts and our comprehensive AI-enabled threat hunting and alerting library to deliver critical security outcomes across your on-premise and cloud environments.

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Vulnerability Management

Continuously scan and test your enterprise and cloud environments to uncover security weaknesses, and leverage Quantum's expertise and threat intelligence to prioritise remediation efforts.

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Data Protection

Quantum's data-centric approach to security focuses your investment around protecting the most critical data. Discover, classify, and protect sensitive data across your entire IT estate and validate the effectiveness of your security controls and policies.

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Risk Management

Quantum helps you build a sustainable security and risk governance programme providing you a continuous view of your risk posture. We leverage the universal HITRUST framework, allowing you to establish controls once and map them to nearly any compliance standard.

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Cloud-Native & DevOps-First

The Quantum platform and all of our individual solutions are cloud-native and designed to integrate seamlessly with modern DevOps practices.

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