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Compliance Standards
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There are hundreds of major regulatory compliance frameworks in use globally, each with a different set of required controls and security practices. Standardising on the HITRUST framework allows you to perform a single audit and maintain a single set of controls that map directly to PCI, ISO-27001, GDPR, and many other requirements.

Quantum is the first and most experienced HITRUST-certified Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) in the ASEAN region and is intimately familiar with governance and compliance standards.

One Framework, Multiple Compliance Certifications

Quantum maps your HITRUST controls to many different regulatory compliance standards (both global and regional). If HITRUST does not provide a native mapping, our team of compliance experts will build one for you, including the creation of new controls as required.

Compliance Standards

Reduce Compliance Overhead

Maintain a single set of compliance workflows and map the controls and evidence to any framework.

Non-Blocking Compliance

Quantum's Virtual CISO service let's you stay focused on your business objectives – not on studying the endless stream of compliance standards documentation.

Quantum Platform

Answers & Guidance

Each Risk Management subscription includes access to a team of Quantum QSAs that are ready to answer your compliance questions and provide guidance.

Your Personal Experts

Not only are our Virtual CISO team HITRUST-certified QSAs, they're also familiar with your environments and your compliance requirements – ensuring you get personalised expert advice, every time.

Integrations & Reporting

Easily track and monitor your security posture and risk profile using intuitive tools and straightforward reports. All of Quantum's solutions are integrated out-of-the-box to incorporate status and audit log data into our compliance platform allowing you to send real-time attestation reports to any number of requesting parties.

Quantum Platform
External Providers

Native & Third-Party Integrations

Collect evidence and monitor control statuses through native integrations with Quantum-provided solutions as well as with many other third-party solutions.

Advanced Intuitive Reporting

Get answers and insights fast with streamlined analytics, custom reports, benchmarking, and dashboards to address the reporting needs for all levels of management.

Plans & Pricing


Preparation essentials for any organisation size
  • Annual HITRUST Readiness Assessment
  • Gap Analysis Across IT Landscape
  • Creation of Risk Register
  • Remediation Roadmap


Compliance validation and certification

Readiness plus:

  • Validation Assessment
  • NIST Cybersecurity Certification
  • Virtual CISO Advisory Services
  • Monitoring of IT Risk Register
  • Oversight & Review of Remediation
  • Analytics, Reporting, and Benchmarking

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