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Modern enterprise risk management

Achieve and maintain compliance using DevOps-focused policies and controls.

Why Risk Management

Simplify compliance and risk-aware decision making 
without impacting your organisation's agility.

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Start from fully compliant building blocks

Whether greenfield or brownfield, building or updating your apps using Quantum's library of fully-compliant infrastructure-as-code modules makes achieving and attesting compliance easy for CISOs and developers alike.

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Unlock agility with Compliance-as-Code

Quantum provides a library of policy-as-code modules with automated checks that integrate into your CI/CD pipeline – allowing you to automate risk-aware decisions using functions and/or codeless risk models.

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Leverage our experience and strategic insights

Whether you're seeking a readiness or maturity assessment, need help developing policies that reinforce your business objectives, or are looking to automate the mundane parts of your compliance lifecycle, Quantum's here to help.

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Simplify compliance to multiple standards

Quantum aligns your policies and controls to a base framework that maps to all of the major security and privacy standards including ISO, PCI, NIST, and GDPR – reducing the amount of re-work to achieve compliance against new or updated standards.

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Customisable solutions to fit your specific needs


Whether it's security, privacy, BC/DR, or industry-specific regulations, Quantum's team of certified, experienced risk management experts can provide assessments, strategy guidance, incident response and more:

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    Readiness Assessment

    Quantum walks you through preparatory steps towards a compliance certification and scope the gap and remediation effort, providing you with a prioritised remediation roadmap.

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    Policy Development

    Need help writing policies that map to multiple compliance standards? Need help adapting existing policies to updated standards? Quantum's team of experts can help.

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    Compliance Automation

    Collecting evidence and maintaining integrity and chain-of-custody for your annual audit is one of many tedious, time-consuming process. Let Quantum automate them for you.

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    Incident Response

    In the event of a security or privacy breach, responding to these incidents in a proper and timely manner is critical. Quantum's expertise helps you avoid missteps.

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All of the consulting services listed to the left are available at reduced rates for subscribers to our vCISO service – which also includes our infrastructure- and policy-as-code libraries and integrations with your choice of tools.

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    Virtual CISO (vCISO) Service

    Whether as an acting CISO or as additional capacity for your existing department, team provides all of the services on the left on an as-needed, subscription basis.

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    Policy-as-Code Library

    Why start from scratch when you can start from a set of vetted and audited policies? Get access to Quantum's policy library with modern policy-as-code implementations.

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    Infrastructure-as-Code Library

    Make building compliant infrastructure simple and easy for your engineers by providing building blocks that are compliant and up-to-date with the latest standards.

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    Advanced Integrations

    Integrate your existing tools and processes into a modern, streamlined workflow with custom integrations to leverage the Quantum vCISO service.

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Quantum is the first and most experienced HITRUST-certified Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) in the ASEAN region and is intimately familiar with governance and compliance standards.

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How it works

Cloud-native detection and response with the 
support of a 24/7 team of cybersecurity experts.


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Simplify Multi-Framework Attestation

Develop policies and practises around a common base framework that maps to any compliance framework, saving time and effort when seeking multiple certifications.

On-Demand Risk & Compliance Expertise

Quantum's risk and compliance experts are available to assist 24/7 via our on-demand Virtual CISO offering.

Easy-to-Use Integrations

Automate evidence collection and policy enforcement with out-of-the-box, configurable customisations.


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Automated Evidence Collection

Leverage Quantum's out-of-the-box integrations to collect evidence from scoped systems. You can also use our SDKs to develop your own integrations or work with Quantum to build them for you.

Automated Policy Checks

Implement automated policy checks to ensure that your organisation's policies are properly enforced across all aspects of your IT and operational environments.

Infrastructure-as-Code Policy Enforcement

Overlay your policies on top of compatible infrastructure-as-code modules to create inherently compliant building blocks and ensure your policy implementations are always up-to-date.


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Reduce Compliance Overhead

Maintain a single set of compliance workflows and map the controls and evidence to any framework.


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Your Personal Experts

Not only are our Virtual CISO team certified, they're also familiar with your environments and your compliance requirements – ensuring you get personalised expert advice, every time.

Plans & Pricing

Choose Your Plan


Preparation essentials for any organisation size


  • Annual HITRUST Readiness Assessment
  • Gap Analysis Across IT Landscape
  • Creation of Risk Register
  • Remediation Roadmap


Preparation essentials for any organisation size


  • Annual HITRUST Readiness Assessment
  • Gap Analysis Across IT Landscape
  • Creation of Risk Register
  • Remediation Roadmap


Compliance validation and certification


  • Validation Assessment
  • NIST Cybersecurity Certification
  • Virtual CISO Advisory Services
  • Monitoring of IT Risk Register
  • Oversight & Review of Remediation
  • Analytics, Reporting, and Benchmarking

Risk Management and Compliance


Mitigate Your Risk

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IT Security and Information Privacy —
A Journey

Quantum will help you on this journey taking into account your current maturity. Beginning with a Readiness Assessment culminating in a compliance readiness assessment or certification, we will help you understand your current risk and compliance postures. You can easily view gaps in your information protection programme, then prioritise and keep track of your remediation efforts.

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vCISO Services

You will receive a advisory service hours, bundled with the package you subscribe to which can be drawn on to address any of the following areas:

  • Cybersecurity / Risk Thought Leadership
  • Representation to Exec Team / Board / Customers
  • Third Party Risk Assessment: Design, Implement, Run
  • Security Awareness & Culture: Training, Testing
  • Business Continuity Plan & Test
  • Information Security Policies: Define, Create, Implement