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Unique Approach. Unique Platform.

Unify cybersecurity and risk management across your entire organisation using a robust, flexible, and easy-to-understand security lifecycle platform. We have partnered with Microsoft® and leverage Azure Sentinel which enables us to deliver consistent outcomes across any cloud, application, or existing security investment. Having developed smart threat hunting queries combined with automated orchestration and response tasks provides you with unmatched value.

Customer Cloud Environment
Quantum-Supported Log Sources
Natively-Supported Log Sources

Advanced Threat Detection

Adaptive cloud-scale SIEM integration leverages native services that give you real-time access to view and manage.

Hybrid Log Source Support

Comprehensive log management coverage using a combination of native data connectors and the Quantum Log Collector.

Modern SecOps Architecture

Purpose-built for modern SecOps providing real-time or near-real-time APIs and event hooks across the entire platform. Whether you're looking for a hands-off digest report or want full DevSecOps integration your platform provides connectivity and insight through the entire security lifecycle.

Quantum Security Stack

Automated SOAR Capabilities

Automated incident response using a versatile, easy-to-use workflow engine with included notification and auto-remediation service hooks.

Always-On SOC

Our security operations centre has a team of experts providing around-the-clock monitoring, investigation, and remediation.

DevSecOps Ready

Integrate your DevSecOps workflows with real-time eventing and extended metadata APIs.

Comprehensive and Easy to Manage

Quantum consolidates all of the integrations across our portfolio of security providers and solutions into a single powerful, easy-to-use experience. These fully-automated integrations provide critical enrichment of your data and enable comprehensive operational and management reporting.

Quantum Security Stack
Quantum Portfolio Providers and Solutions
Advanced Intuitive Reporting

Fully Integrated Platform

Achieve more comprehensive security outcomes with out-of-the-box integrations across Quantum’s portfolio of security providers and solutions, all in a consolidated, single-pane view.

Advanced Intuitive Reporting

Get industry-leading time-to-insight operational reporting and human-readable CxO-level reporting.

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