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Quantum's solutions enable modern continuous delivery pipelines with cybersecurity and enterprise risk management built-in.

Risk-Based Approach

Unlock your team's potential with modern DevSecOps practises.

By integrating security throughout the DevOps infinity loop, developers get faster feedback enabling them to address security weaknesses in context. With weaknesses being addressed further "left", automated and hybrid risk management controls can be integrated in your CI/CD pipelines allowing for transparent, seamless risk-based implementations.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

Universal and Flexible

Drive modernisation without compromising security 
or compliance in legacy workloads.

Unlock your team's potential with DevSecOps in modern and legacy workloads.

Quantum's solutions are designed to support your digital transformation and innovation while maintaining a consistent level of enterprise-grade security for your modern and legacy workloads alike.

To deliver critical security outcomes, the Quantum solution combines:

  1. 01cloud-native, managed detection and response capabilities
  2. 02integrated scanning of your applications and infrastructure
  3. 03continuous discovery, classification, and protection of your data assets
  4. 04around-the-clock cybersecurity, risk, and compliance consulting

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Services and Products

Solutions built around our core capabilities

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Managed Detection & Response

Continuously detect malicious behaviour and let Quantum's team of experts guide remediation.

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Vulnerability Management

Continuously scan your infrastructure and applications for security weaknesses.

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Data Discovery & Protection

Discover, classify, and protect your critical data assets across your entire IT estate.

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Risk Management & Compliance

Achieve and maintain compliance using DevOps-focused policies and controls.

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