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Our focus on enablement doesn't stop at our solution architecture — it's in every aspect of how we work.

Risk-Informed Strategy

A partner in more than just cyber

Quantum's solutions are comprised of more than just modern technology and toolsets — we prioritise value creation through enabling organisations to identify and address enterprise risk by providing expert consultations in addition to our suite of managed services centred around these risk management principles.

Threat Actor Risk

From ransomware and phishing to denial of service attacks, we help identify and address risks to your organisation from threat actors (both internal and external).

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Vulnerability Risk

Whether in your own application source code, software supply chain, or in the configurations deployed to your public and private cloud, we detect and address risks from vulnerabilities.

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Operational & Compliance Risk

From operational risks like BC/DR, vendor management, and regulatory compliance requirements, we'll assess your policies and procedures, and address GRC risks.

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  Global Enterprise Risk Lens

Gain critical insights about potential risks from across your organisation using out-of-the-box or customised normalisation and scoring models — allowing you to make confident, risk-aware decisions, allocating budgets and resources to the critical risks that matter the most.

Modernisation and Transformation

Modern ways of working

Quantum's solutions are comprised of more than just modern tech — our flexible, modern ways of working reinforce your digital transformation and post-digital goals and integrate seamlessly through ever step of the transition.

Icons of apps supporting our ways of working

GitFlow and GitOps

We use modern workflows your developers and infrastructure engineers are already familiar with, integrating seamlessly into your existing DevOps practises — enabling globally distributed, asynchronous collaboration and removing context-switching bottlenecks.

ChatOps and Real-Time Collaboration

Whether you're using Slack, Microsoft Teams, or other collaboration platforms, we're setup to accommodate your organisation's communication structure — with our team of experts working directly with you in real-time with contextual workflow hooks.

From chat and ChatOps, to on-demand video calls, to remote pair programming inside your IDE — we're here to help every step of the way. Whether providing support or strategic consultations, we're equipped to collaborate using whatever medium suits your team.

Modern DevSecOps Architecture

Purpose-built for modern SecOps providing real-time or near-real-time APIs and event hooks across the entire platform. Whether you're looking for a hands-off digest report or want full DevSecOps integration your platform provides connectivity and insight through the entire security lifecycle.

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DevSecOps Infinity Loop

Quantum's reporting APIs will feed remediation data into your product backlog for planning. Additionally, Quantum's consulting services are available to inform strategy and prioritisation.

Data Protection

Quantum provides modern static and dynamic code analysis and dependency tree scanning to validate vulnerabilities aren't introduced.


Quantum provides automated feedback on security posture regressions. Integration with our GRC services allows you to define risk-based, automated approval workflows with optional escalation for human review.

VAPT Risk Management

Integration with release and runtime systems allows Quantum to validate artefact integrity and monitor environment drift on an ongoing basis.


Quantum offers runtime protection tools for various platforms or we integrate with your existing tools.


Quantum's XDR offering provides comprehensive cloud-native SIEM capabilities.


Quantum's XDR offering also provides SOAR capabilities with analytics to inform required changes.


Quantum offers ML and human analysis, threat hunting, and advanced threat intelligence integration to predictively inform infrastructure reinforcement.


Flexibility and Ownership

Combine the best aspects of different 
cybersecurity and risk approaches.

When choosing a security and compliance solution, we believe you shouldn't have to make trade-offs or accept sub-optimal business models or security standards to get the coverage that fits your organisation. Our unique approach gives you the flexibility and ownership that enables your teams and delivers critical security outcomes.


Enterprise DIY Security

Pros: Nimble

  • Robust Community Intelligence
  • Flexible Cost Model
  • Flexible Operational Model
  • Cybersecurity Talent Provided
  • Easy to Change MSPs/MSSPs
  • Cloud-Native / Programmatic
  • Comprehensive Data Ingest
  • DevOps-Ready
  • No Infrastructure Plumbing & Maintenance

Cons: Lock-In

  • No Data Ownership
  • No Rules Ownership
  • No Playbook Ownership
  • No Automation Ownership
  • Limited Platform Control
  • Limited Customisation
  • Not Cloud-Native
  • Linear Price Scaling
  • In-Sourcing Not an Option

Cons: Complex

  • Limited Community Intelligence
  • Non-Flexible Cost Model
  • Fixed Operational Model
  • Cybersecurity Talent Hiring
  • Unsupported by MSPs/MSSPs
  • Enterprise Licensing Model
  • Data Ingest More Difficult
  • Not DevOps Ready
  • Infrastructure Plumbing & Maintenance Required

Pros: Ownership

  • Data Ownership
  • Rules Ownership
  • Playbook Ownership
  • Automation Ownership
  • Full Platform Control
  • Customisable
  • Cloud-Native Options
  • Favourable Price Scaling
  • In-Sourcing Model an Option

Most security-as-a-service providers deploy their proprietary infrastructure and tools into your environment. When this is a public cloud environment, you benefit from many of the cost and operating model advantages of cloud, but are locked into that provider's proprietary applications, and data formats – effectively holding your data and the investments you've made in creating and tuning content hostage.

The do-it-yourself approach allows you to pick the tools that best fit your needs (including cloud-native options that give you full ownership and control of your data and investments in automation and tuning, etc.), but at the expense of needing to connect and maintain everything yourself. MSPs are often reluctant to support these types of snowflake environments and there's very little community intelligence/support for your custom implementation.

Quantum's solutions are designed to provide the best of both worlds, allowing you the cost and operational flexibility of a truly cloud-native approach that's based on open standards and industry-accepted best practices. Our solutions allow you to leverage community intelligence and support or rely on our expertise – and as your needs and your own capabilities evolve, our solutions are flexible to meet your needs (including full or partial in-sourcing).

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